Afternoon Club

3.05 pm - 6.00 pm

Children from Prep to Year Two are collected from their classrooms by one of our LOSHC Educators and brought to the Junior playground meeting point. Children from Years 3-7 meet educators at the Prep playground where the role is marked before heading to the LOSHC Room. Children put their belongings away and join one another for an afternoon yarning circle to share the highlights of their day, and to co-plan activities for the afternoon. Children will be invited to take part in a “transitional” afternoon tea enabling them to eat as they are hungry throughout the afternoon. A range of engaging activities will be provided and planned for by educators each day in response to collaboration with children and families.


Pricing:     Daily Rate: $25     |     Casual Rate: $30

07 5540 8690

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62 Reedmans Road, Ormeau 4208